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jQuery jQuery Uitablefilter

jQuery Uitablefilter is a jQuery Filter & Sort plugin.

Created by Gregwebs

small plugin for filtering (hiding) table rows based on their text content

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npm version



Download the latest version here : https://github.com/code-tls/jquery-uitablefilter/blob/master/jquery.uitablefilter.js


npm install jquery-uitablefilter

or yarn

yarn add jquery-uitablefilter


Here is an example (see the original project README for more informations). It will search for the word 'Pepper' in #table in columns 'Price', 'Item' and 'ID'.

$.uiTableFilter($('#table'), 'Pepper',  ['Price', 'Item', 'D']);


Here is a http://code-tls.github.io/jquery-uitablefilter/demo/flavorzoom/.

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