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jQuery Vanillabox

Vanillabox is a jQuery Dialogs / Lightboxes plugin.

Created by Cocopon

Simple, modern Lightbox-like plugin for jQuery

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Vanillabox Build Status


Vanillabox is a simple, modern Lightbox-like plugin for jQuery. You can easily setup your image gallery with this plugin.

See the official page for more information.

Why Vanillabox?

  • Simple design, no decoration. It focuses your content.
  • Suitable for modern browsers that include mobile ones. It works nicely whether or not to zoom a page.
  • Free for commercial use. It's licenced under the MIT License.

System Requirements

  • jQuery 1.7+
  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 9+, iOS 6+ (Safari), Android 4.1.2+ (AOSP, Chrome)

How to Build Your Own Vanillabox

If you just want to use Vanillabox, get a compressed file from the official page. You may not need to perform the following steps.

First, these commands are required to setup a development environment:

Install required npm packages:

npm install -g gulp

Next, clone the repository and get source files:

git clone https://github.com/cocopon/vanillabox

Then move into the project directory, and run npm to install required npm packages:

cd path/to/vanillabox
npm install

All done! Now you can use gulp tasks for development.

gulp build

Common Gulp Tasks

gulp testRuns unit tests
gulp jsGenerates an uncompressed JS file
gulp sass:themeTranslates theme SCSS files into CSS files
gulp js:distCompiles JS files
gulp distGenerates a package archive

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