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jQuery ScrollIt JS

ScrollIt JS is a jQuery Scrolling plugin.

Created by Cmpolis

A jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create paginated, feature vertically scrolling pages.

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Demo and more information


ScrollIt.js(scroll•it•dot•js) makes it easy to make long, vertically scrolling pages. This is why it rocks:

  • Easy to implement: One JS call, just put data- attributes on the DOM
  • Lightweight: ~1kb minified
  • Active Class: Your navigation is updated automatically
  • Configurable: Set the animation easing, duration, callbacks and more
  • Keyboard Navigation: Press the up and down keys to move...


  1. Include jQuery and scrollIt.js

    <script src="jquery-1.10.2.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="scrollIt.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
  2. Put a data-scroll-index attribute on each section

    <div data-scroll-index="0">..content..</div>
    <div data-scroll-index="1">...</div>
    <div data-scroll-index="2">...</div>
  3. Put corresponding data-scroll-nav attributes on each nav

    <a data-scroll-nav="0">About</a>
    <a data-scroll-nav="1">Usage</a>
    <a data-scroll-nav="2">Options</a>
  4. For links to sections, put on a data-scroll-goto attribute

    <a data-scroll-goto="0">Back to top</a>
  5. Call scrollIt()


To customize scrollIt.js, simply pass in an options object: (defaults shown)

  upKey: 38,             // key code to navigate to the next section
  downKey: 40,           // key code to navigate to the previous section
  easing: 'linear',      // the easing function for animation
  scrollTime: 600,       // how long (in ms) the animation takes
  activeClass: 'active', // class given to the active nav element
  onPageChange: null,    // function(pageIndex) that is called when page is changed
  topOffset: 0           // offste (in px) for fixed top navigation


Created by @ChrisPolis, blog

Feel free to use, share and fork.


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